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Welcome to The Spirited Sage!

The Spirited Sage is a sanctuary for holistic healing, including Herbal Coaching, Reiki and Muscle Testing. Sometimes when one connects with the plant world, one starts to weave a web with other aspects of the spirit world. You will never be the same. You too can learn how Herbal Medicine, Reiki and Nutritional Kinesiology can enhance your connection to your sage wisdom, and your health.

Barbara Ford B.A., M.H.
Master Herbalist/Reiki Master

Nutritional Response Testing


Nutritional Kinesiology is the ability of the body to give you messages about many things: what is happening inside you, what you're allergic to, what is the most beneficial remedy for you and what message it might actually have for you. So, how about a check-up and find out what is right for you!

Purification offers your body additional support to expel natural toxins and minimize your weight, which is important to maintaining your health and vitality.




"Reiki" is a Japanese healing art. "Rei" means "universal knowledge" "Ki" is the "life force" found in all living things.

Reiki energy has a number of healing effects. While similar to other healing therapies based on the human energy field, Reiki specifically seeks to restore harmony and balance to the body whose vital energy ("Ki") is unbalanced. It brings about a state of deep relaxation, promotes energy flow within the body, helps to detoxify and enhances vitality.

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Herbal Medicine Coaching and Education

Morter & Pestle imageThe science and art of Herbal Medicine is the knowledge of a plant's therapeutic parts and usage, the body systems(s) upon which it acts and which companion plants to use for support. The trained herbalist can assist you in determining what herbs will help you achieve optimum health.
Learn about herbal medicine topics here
Herbal Coaching information here



BEMER Microcirculation

BEMER LogoFrom the day we are born, our own blood flow supports all healthy cell function. Without it, our cells suffer and this can lead to all sorts of health challenges as we age. BEMER “totally non-invasive” applications optimize the body’s own natural vitality and well-being by increasing blood flow up to 30% and with NO side effects. This enables your body to work efficiently, heal itself, and help you feel good again.

The microcirculation benefits are scientifically proven plus more doctors are becoming familiar with the groundbreaking BEMER technology from Germany.

Contact me for a free demonstration of BEMER technology and learn how it can help you. 

Happy Holidays from The Spirited Sage!

Happy Holidays from The Spirited Sage!



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