Barbara Ford B.A., M.H.

Barbara Ford B.A., M.H.

Barbara Ford, B.A., M.H., Barbara uses plant medicine, energy healing and education to help empower, enlighten and heal those that desire to integrate natural healing with conventional medicine therapies. She educates her clients about health and wellness using an approach that embraces the whole person, including mind, body and soul.

Barbara spent several years training and working in the conventional medical arena but awakened to a more holistic approach to health and healing after a major life and health challenge. In 1999, Reiki healing and attunements came to her through a series of synchronistic events, with the study of herbalism not far behind, both of which she fully embraced. She received Level 1 & 2 Reiki attunements in 2000, Amanohuna attuments in 2007, and Reiki Master/Teacher in 2009. She received her Diploma in Herbal Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (formerly Australasian College of Herbal Medicine) in 2001. 

Her passion for plant healing started almost fifteen years ago and has never stopped. It was when she integrated Reiki healing energy with the energy of plants, that she successfully combined both worlds in her own life and then in other people's lives. She experienced how the body communicates its needs, which inspired her to receive formal training in nutritional kinesiology (muscle testing), using the Ulan Nutritional Systems method, called Nutritional Response Testing; she became certified in 2012. 

Areas also studied and practiced include iridology, homeopathy, flower essences, aromatherapy, natural pet care, and holistic nutrition.

Barbara teaches classes at various locations in Minnesota and consults with clients who desire to incorporate nutrition and medicinal herbs into their wellness program. She speaks to large groups on herbal medicine and healing topics.

After several years of being a practitioner, Barbara realized that holistic practitioners had to practice their craft under an oppressive political climate and become a volunteer with the National Health Freedom Coalition. She was asked to serve as a member of the Board of Directors and has served in that capacity since 2008. She is also their social media coordinator. She previously served on the board of the North Country Herbalist Guild in 2005. 

In 2002, she received a Small Business Innovative Research Grant from the University of Wyoming to submit a research grant to the National Institutes of Health to research essential oil herbal remedies for preventing the West Nile Virus. Her work was featured on a newscast on KCNC-TV in Denver, Colo., in July 2004.

In 2013, Barbara served as Assistant Editor for All Things Healing (www.allthingshealing.com), Energy Medicine section. Prior to that, she edited the "Health Freedom Reporter" for the National Health Freedom Coalition. She has written articles for newsletters and was the editor of "Natural Lifestyles," a free publication with articles and advertising for holistic health care distributed in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Hi Barbara,

I just wanted to thank you for your loving, wise and healing spirit.
I'm so glad you are working with me on my healing. . .Jill .. June 2013

The Wellness Circle, Lino Lakes, MN