Knowledge Corner

The International Center for Reiki Training 

Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.  To create an army of professionally competent, nutritionally oriented health care professionals who are establishing a new era of health freedom resulting in the improved health of their patients, themselves, their family and all future generations.

Standard Process committed to providing the safest, highest quality dietary supplements through health care professionals to help improve and optimize health and wellness.

American College of Health Sciences is the first accredited completely online college offering holistic health education, with certificate, diploma and undergraduate and graduate degree programs. 

Beyond Organic  We offer products and programs that go “beyond organic” within the categories of cleansing and detoxification, toxic-free skin and body care, live snacks and beverages, pure mountain spring water, and nutrient dense beef and dairy products shipped direct from our farm to your family.


National Health Freedom Coalition  To promote access to all health care information, services, treatments and products that the people deem beneficial for their own health and survival; to promote an understanding of the laws and factors impacting the right to access; and to promote the health of the people of this nation. I serve as a board member.

National Vaccine Information Center     The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is dedicated to the prevention of vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to defending the informed consent ethic in medicine.

Breast Cancer Action carries the voices of people affected by breast cancer to inspire and compel the changes necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic.


St. Paul/Mpls

North Country Herbalist Guild    The North Country Herbalist Guild is a non–profit organization dedicated to promoting education in the practice of therapeutic herbalism

Joyful Connections  A healing center dedicated to providing services and classes designed to help you as you begin your journey of awareness, transformation and connection. Amy is also my Reiki teacher and I received my Reiki Master from her.

The Wellness Circle  Your Community’s Alternative Health and Wellness Team  

Other Sites of Interest

All Things Healing ATH brings together a worldwide community of individuals, and alternative healing sites and organizations, dedicated to educating and inspiring people in topics related to alternative healing of mind, body, spirit and the planet.

Greenhouse The motto of Greenhouse is: “Some are red. Some are blue. All are green.” What it signifies is that the influence of money on our government isn’t a partisan issue. Whether Democrat or Republican, we should all want a political system that is independent of the influence of big money and not dependent on endless cycles of fundraising from special interests.

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