An Oily Topic to Ponder!

I am thrilled that so many people are experiencing the benefits of using essential oils as part of their wellness program. I see one ad after another from essential oil companies popping up like crazy making promises of better health. But, rarely, are the essential oils promoted as part of a whole wellness program, but rather THE wellness program.  I not only find this very disturbing, and unsafe, but I also have concerns about the environmental sustainability of a rapidly growing desire to use just essential oils in a wellness program.  I would like to give some guidance on essential oil use from my perspective as a Master Herbalist. Continue reading

Where Does Healing Really Begin?

I spent many years working in the conventional medicine arena, and probably close to the same number of years in the natural health arena. I have found that there are stark differences between the two, but nothing stands out more than what constitutes complete healing and how the human body expresses the healing process. Continue reading

An Ebola Primer

Issues with Ebola are changing daily, so it is hard to tell what the truth about the virus really is but I’m giving it the respect it needs as a potential threat to our health, possible forced quarantine and vaccination, and even as a possible hoax, such as the H1N1 virus threat a few years ago. Wherever the truth lies, there are certain steps that can be taken to help you be as healthy as possible and, therefore, be able to mitigate your response to the virus, should you be exposed. Continue reading

Healing as a Quantum Experience

Reiki & Kinesiology use the body’s energy field to heal

In many ways, healing the physical body is more about where our consciousness lies than what external influences are used to affect change in an illness. The desire to heal the body without synthetic drugs or other artificial means usually results from an awakening of some sorts; something from within awakens and responds to that “inner nudge” to find a way to heal that honors the body’s divine inner wisdom.

Continue reading