The Reiki Experience

What to Expect During your Personal Reiki Session

Reiki Energy in HandA treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through you and surrounds you. It is a simple and safe natural treatment that leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. A treatment can be done in conjunction with other healing modalities, conventional or holistic, and has no side effects.

It is important that you are comfortable during your Reiki session. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. You will be asked to remove your shoes, so plan on wearing socks to your session. Frequently, a person’s body temperature can cool due to the deep relaxation associated with Reiki. You will be asked to remove excess jewelry and watches, as metal articles may interfere with the flow of Reiki energy. You will also be asked to remove your eyeglasses to increase your comfort and so they do not interfere with your practitioner’s hand movements.

You will most likely lie down on a padded massage table while receiving Reiki, but it can also be performed seated in a chair. If you are lying down, pillows can be used under your knees and head for your comfort. You will be covered with a sheet or blanket if you desire. A typical Reiki session begins with you lying face up during half of the treatment session then rolled over face down or on your side through the remainder of the session. A typical Reiki session lasts approximately one hour.

Most Reiki practitioners use soothing music during the session at very low volume, which helps increase the relaxation response. Dim lighting is also desirable, and if you approve, essential oils may be used to help set the mood and also improve the relaxation response.

The Reiki treatment itself consists of the practitioner placing their hands gently on or slightly above your body to start theReiki Massage flow of Reiki energy. There are no complicated rituals to perform; it is just the simple exchange of Source energy between two or more people (Reiki can be performed by more than one Practitioner) and the simple intent to share healing.

There is a treatment protocol traditionally taught to Reiki practitioners which involves a series of hand positions. These positions are well spaced along your body to provide energy to where it is most needed. By covering all parts of the body evenly, you will, by default, get the best treatment possible. Hand positions vary along the length of the body, from the head, face, neck, throat, heart region, stomach, hips, thighs, calves and feet, and corresponding positions along the back. These hand positions are a good place for your practitioner to begin practicing Reiki.

An experienced Practitioner will deviate from the traditional hand positions as needed by the moment and in concert with your needs. Most Reiki practitioners use intuition or other methods to determine which positions are to be used in each healing, varying from the traditional positions as the situation warrants. One common method is the sweep, in which the practitioner sweeps his or her hands through the energy field looking for hot spots. These indicate places that need healing energy.

Your privacy is very important. Many times the practitioner must place their hands very near places some might consider to be private. As a system of treating the entire body one certainly would not want to leave such body parts out of treatment. Practitioners have their own way to handle this. They might ask permission before placing their hands in sensitive areas. Their hands can be placed on top of your hands, with the energy being beamed through your hands. The practitioner might also hold their hands above the area in question so there is no touching, and beam the energy from a slight distance. If you have any concerns about hand positions, please discuss this openly with your practitioner prior to or during treatment. Your privacy and absolute comfort is most important to achieve the greatest benefits of Reiki.

Very often during treatment you will drift into a twilight state of awareness. While fully aware, you may be in a deep state of relaxation. This is an important and desirable altered state of awareness that helps the healing process, but you must be brought back into a fully conscious state in a gentle manner. Following your treatment, your Practitioner will gently wake you from your meditative state. You will be allowed to rest comfortably and offered a drink of juice or water. Once you are more alert, your practitioner may give you feedback as to what she or he observed during the session; in turn, you will have an opportunity to share your experience.

The feeling of rest and relaxation will stay with you for hours or even days following your session. It is recommended that you drink plenty of pure water for a couple of days following your session. If you feel as though you may be getting the flu or feel achy or tired for a few days following your session, it is because your body is detoxing. If you become concerned about not feeling well after your session, don’t hesitate to call your practitioner.

It is the Joy of Reiki that you can only understand and appreciate after your first session.


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